Arpeggio Warmups

In last week’s post we created new arpeggio warmups based on cycles of whole-tone steps. Cycles of minor thirds reach even less keys than whole-tone cycles. After just four keys one is back at the start-key:

C | Eb | Gb | A  | C

Using the same trick from above one can cover all twelve keys via three exercises.

Db | E  | G | Bb | Db
D | F | Ab | B | D

Here are the three descending exercises:

And here are the ascending counter parts:

Practicing material in minor thirds can yield some great melodic patterns/licks for diminished harmony and V7|b9 chords. How that works in detail will be covered in a future post.

When applying these 6 new exercises to all 32 original arpeggios and inversions, this yields a total of 6×32=192 new exercises!

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