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Milt Jackson’s Use of the Augmented Triad

A while ago I transcribed Milt Jackson’s solo on “Straight No Chaser” from the Thelonious Monk recording “Genius of Modern Music 2”. One lick in the solo stood out for its simplicity and general applicability. This is  a lick for … Continue reading

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Bebop Scales

The basic idea behind Bebop scales is simple. But looking at five different sources, I found inconsistent terminology and contradicting definitions. This post intends to sort things out in the world of Bebop scales. Traditional Bebop Scales By inserting an … Continue reading

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Major Licks from Chet Baker: “In Your Own Sweet Way”

In this post I’m going to talk about three licks for major-sevenths chords. I transcribed these licks from a Chet Baker solo over “In Your Own Sweet Way” from his 1979 album “Someday My Prince Will Come”. Most of the … Continue reading

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Customized Header using CSS

After heading down several wrong paths modifying the stock Twenty Ten theme header, it now looks pretty much the way I like it. In the following I’m going to describe, how I modified my child theme’s style.css file. Here is … Continue reading

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